Moscow International

Bariatric Congress

20-22 April 2016, Moscow


Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the Society of Bariatric Surgeons of Russia I am pleased to invite you to take part in the Moscow International Bariatric Congress to be held from April 20 to April 22, 2016 in Moscow in Holiday Inn Sokolniki Hotel.

The scheduled Congress is a unique for Russia international scientific forum in our discipline, We will have an opportunity to exchange the saved-up experience in the field of surgery for Obesity and Type 2 diabetes mellitus not only with our foreign colleagues — surgeons, but also with our internists, working in Russia and abroad, to find approach points and to establish the solid foundation for further long-term cooperation.

In this respect the Moscow Congress is intended to support the initiative of conducting the First European Summit of obesity to be held jointly with IFSO-European Chapter and EASO in Gothenburg in June, 2016. Along with the countries that are the constant participants of the European and World Congresses on Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, we also expect to attract to an extensive issues discussion the experts from East European countries and the former USSR where obesity and type 2 diabetes are growing at the same epidemic progression as well as around the world. IFSO (The International Federation for The Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders) completely supports the initiative of conducting the Moscow International Bariatric Congress.

Besides the scientific sessions there will be the joint Medico-Surgical Workshop with participation of internists, endocrinologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other experts who are engaged in treatment of obesity and the related metabolic disorders. The program of the Congress also includes Postgraduate course oriented both on English- and Russian-speaking audience. World famous experts in the field of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery will be invited as faculty members.

The exhibition within the congress will be represented by the brand owners and manufacturers of surgical instruments and the equipment, the pharmaceutical companies producing medication for obesity and diabetes treatment, and also the preparations and medical foods applied directly in surgical clinic will participate in an exhibition.

We hope that the forthcoming Congress in Moscow will become a momentous event in development of bariatric and metabolic surgery in Europe, and it would be a bright and remarkable event for its participants that will be in the friendly atmosphere of the Russian capital which is famous for its historical places and cultural traditions.

Warmest regards and hopefully for success of the Moscow International Bariatric Congress in 2016!

Professor Yu.I.Yashkov
President of the Moscow International Bariatric Congress, the President of the Society of Bariatric Surgeons of Russia, Past President of IFSO-European Chapter in 2012-2014.